The Team 

All the memorabilia certified by “Dieci” are worth considerably more than those that are not – and for a good reason.”Dieci” is the preferred choice of collectors, dealers and auction houses worldwide to get a valid certificate of authenticity called “Warranty of Dieci”. Dieci has processed and certified over 20.000 football memorabilia and collectibles with a cumulative declared value of over millions of dollars. Everyday we process submissions from hobbyists who are serious about maximizing the value of their collections. By providing the advantage and protection of impartial, third-party grading, “Dieci” has created a market in which collectors can participate with complete confidence and trust. Our team is made of football memorabilia experts from all over the world. They have a multi decennial knowledge on this particular business and they are able to recognize and certify most of the football collectibles from the last 70 years. Our team makes a service that nobody else can make. There are no other companies in the world with experts in football memorabilia’s authentication and with such a deep knowledge on football collectibles.


We always look to improve ourselves. So we very welcome criticisms and tips from all of you. If you think that there is something wrong in our items, descriptions or information please let us know. Please contact us

About Us

Everything started in 1996. The first shirt was swapped with a U.S.Ravenna player after an Italy Cup’s game. After that many other shirt’s swaps were made in many other stadiums all around the world. In 1999 the first pair of boots came to the collection. Since then a lot of things happened and a lot of shirts and boots came. Today “Dieci Football Entertainment” is become the biggest and a globally known company of the football memorabilia’s industry and it owns the greatest and largest collection in the world with more than 8000 collectibles between match worn shirts, match worn boots and any other kind of football memorabilia. We organized for our customers more than 50 memorabilia’s exhibitions and football events around the globe during the biggest events as the World Cup and Champions League finals, we displayed our collectibles in all of the most prestigious football museums in the world and we opened our own memorabilia’s restaurants. Since 2015 we also became the most trusted third-party authentication company of football memorabilia’s industry. Our collection continues to grow everyday and, as many other collections become available, that’s where you can join in on the fun and follow your own passions. In the last 10 years, the “Dieci Football Entertainment” collection has handled more authentic, match worn items than any other memorabilia company world wide. And while this passion has also become a great and profitable way to invest money we warmly encourage you to build your very own collection, with the help of the only source able to deliver right to your door the best and most authentic collectibles from your favorite team and player.

100% Safe

Our policy is : 100% FOOTBALL – 100% ORIGINAL – 100% GUARANTEED – 100% CERTIFIED

100% FOOTBALL: We’re involved in football memorabilia only. We don’t carry any other sporting memorabilia of any other kind.

100% ORIGINAL: All of the items we sell and all of the items we certify are 100% authentic. We only carry match worn or match issued items and authentic player and team’s items. We don’t carry replicas or store’s items.

100% GUARANTEED: The items we sell and the items we certify are lifetime guaranteed by our company. The “Warranty of Dieci” is a lifetime warranty.

100% CERTIFIED: An item certified with the “Warranty of Dieci” will increase its value day by day. The collector who gets the “Warranty of Dieci” can require to keep the authentication on Dieci’s database in order to let other collectors knowing whom the collectible belongs to. In this case any interested party can verify the authenticity through “Dieci” even when items change hands time after time.