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Did you Know?

“Campioni – Il Sogno” or simply “Campioni” was the first soccer-theme reality on TV. It was a Mediaset broadcast reality which took place in Italy during the season 2005-2006. The target of the reality was following 24/7 the Italian players of the 6th League team of Cervia A.S.D. The team was coached by Mister Francesco “Ciccio” Graziani (1982 Fifa World Cup Champion) and all of the players were semi-pro. Diego Armando Maradona JR., son of Diego Armando Maradona, was also a player of the team. The reality was on air everyday (daytime) and on Thursday evening (prime time). The Thursday show made people from home choosing their favorite players for each role in order to make them playing on Sunday. Half lineup was going to be chosen by the Coach Graziani and half lineup was going to be chosen by TV viewers. The show presenter was Ilaria D’Amico, actual SKY SPORT presenter and actual Gianluigi’s Buffon girlfriend. Cervia A.S.D. won the Eccellenza Championship and it went straight to Serie D (5th Italian League) for the first time in its history. At the end of the season three players won the chance to attend Serie A Team pre season’s try outs. Christian Arrieta had the chance to train with Internazionale F.C. Lorenzo Spagnoli had the chance to train with Juventus F.C. Fabio Borriello (Marco Borriello’s brother) had the chance to train with Milan A.C.

Diego Armando Maradona JR.- Ilaria D’Amico e “CIccio” Graziani during the “Campioni – Il Sogno” reality

Players of Cervia A.S.D. during the 2005-2006 season



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