Inzaghi Filippo

Match Worn Boots

Milan A.C. 

Did you Know?

These boots were used by Filippo Inzaghi during the first half the 2002-2003 season including during the Champions League game against Deportivo La Coruna which took place at the Riazor Stadium in La Coruna on September 24th 2002 that marked the first Inzaghi Champions League’s hat-trick in his career while Milan defeated Deportivo La Coruna 4-0. These “weird” boots are kind of unique for the following reason: Inzaghi was sponsored by Nike until the end of the Fifa World Cup “Korea & Japan 2002”. Once the Nike’s sponsorship ended, the player had no sponsor from September to November. So he played with his “old” Nike Tiempo boots just unstitching the Nike logo on side. But Nike Tiempo had a very visible and recognizable white strap on heel and on boot’s tongues and with Nike logo on sole. So Inzaghi was playing without an official Nike’s logo but with an highly recognizable boots on his feet. While he started discussing his further new sponsorship with Diadora he was asked to hide as much as possible every Nike marks on boots so the player made the A.C. Milan kit men to hand paint the whole boots with a black paint. So he started playing with these total hand made black-out boots. It happened for few games before, once he signed for Diadora, he wanted the A.C.Milan kit men to convert this unbranded boots in to a new Diadora’s boots, gluing a Diadora logo on side. Filippo Inzaghi was a very superstitious player so at the beginning he didn’t want to change his boots for a new pair of Diadora boots so he simply to converted the old pair of Nike Tiempo in to a newer Diadora ones. Inzaghi was very attached to these boots because they marked his first Champions League hat-trick of his career so once he got his regular new boots, he removed the Diadora logos from the Nike Tiempo in order to keep them unbranded, hand painted right in to a frame. They are now a significant piece of our collection and there are still very visible all the signs we just talked about. The unstitching signs belong to the former Nike logo. The unglued signs belong isntead to the following Diadora’s logos.

Did you Know?

When he was first called up to the national team, the other Italian players were surprised at his lack of technical accomplishment, but came to accept him because he scored so frequently. Johan Cruyff grudgingly described this contrast—”Look, actually he can’t play football at all. He’s just always in the right position.” Fans nicknamed him “Super Pippo,” the Italian name for Walt Disney’s cartoon character Super Goof. Tactically, Inzaghi was noted for his ability to play off the shoulders of the last defender and to time his attacking runs to beat the offside trap, leading long-time Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson to quip, “That lad must have been born offside.”

Things to Know:

With 70 goals, Inzaghi in 2017 was still the fourth-highest scorer in European club competitions, behind only Raúl, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. He became the first player to score two Champions League hat-tricks – both with Juventus — when he netted a treble during a 4–4 group stage draw with Hamburger SV on 13 September 2000; his first was in a 4–1 victory over Dynamo Kyiv during the 1997–98 quarter–finals. Inzaghi scored a record third Champions League hat-trick in a 4–0 win against Deportivo de La Coruña in the 2002–03 season, while playing for Milan. This record would later be tied by Michael Owen, who has scored two hat-tricks for Liverpool and a third for Manchester United.

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