Juventus vs Verona

Match Issued Shirt

Ronaldo Cristiano

Did you Know?

This shirt was issued for Cristiano Ronaldo for the Serie A game between Juventus and Verona which took place in Torino, “Allianz Stadium”, on October 25th 2020. Juventus draw 1-1 but Ronaldo couldn’t play the game due COVID-19.  The five times Ballon D’Or winner had earlier tested positive on October 13 while he was on international duty with the Portugal in the UEFA Nations League. As a result of contracting the coronavirus, Ronaldo missed several games for Juventus’. including the Champions League’s game against Barcelona. This shirt is a very limited edition kit released by Adidas in partnership with the artist Pharrell Williams and it is part of the “Humanrace” collection. Pharrell Williams reinterprets the team’s 2015-16 iconic pink shirt with an ultra-graphic contemporary twist. Crafted entirely from recycled polyester, this T-shirt offers a unique fusion of style, sport and eco-friendly principles. Graphic prints on the front and sleeves reinforce the project’s ethical commitment. This shirt used by the team in this game only. The same “Humanrace” kit was also released for sale with significant differences. The player’s shirts have the Cygames’s sponsor on the back while retail’s versions have “HUMANRACE” printed on the back alongside with a frontal tag with Jeep and Adidas logo which are not printed on player’s shirts. Definitely a very rare shirt and a true gem for all collectors.