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As his reputation grew from his time at Manchester United, Ronaldo signed many sponsorship deals for consumer products, including e.g. sportswear (he wears Nike CR7 boots), soft drinks, clothing, automotive lubricants, financial services, electronics, computer video games, and much more. Ronaldo has established a strong online presence; the most popular sportsperson on social media, he counted 158 million total followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by June 2015. As of June 2015, he has the world’s biggest Facebook fanbase with 103 million followers: he became the first sportsperson to reach 50 million followers in August 2010, and in October 2014, he became the first sportsperson, and the second person after Shakira, to reach 100 million followers. He is also the most-followed athlete on Twitter with 37.8 million followers as of September 2015, and is the most-followed footballer on Instagram with 33.6 million followers as of October 2015. Ronaldo has released two mobile apps: in December 2011, he launched an iPhone game called Heads Up with Cristiano, created by developer RockLive, and in December 2013, he launched Viva Ronaldo, a dedicated social networking website and mobile app. Computer security company McAfee produced a 2012 report ranking footballers by the probability of an internet search for their name leading to an unsafe website, with Ronaldo’s name first on the list.

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These Cristiano Ronaldo’s boots are custom boots for the player. They are totally leather made different from the model on sale. Boot’s design looks very similar to the shop’s version but while the shop version’s material is full of holes, the player’s version is fully flat leather made. Player’s boots has also an extremity plastic reinforcement which is not available on sale.

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At the start of the 2013–14 season, Cristiano signed a new contract that extended his stay by three years to 2018, with a salary of €17 million net, making him briefly the highest-paid player in football. He was joined at the club by winger Gareth Bale, whose world record transfer fee of €100 million surpassed the fee Madrid had paid for Ronaldo four years prior. Together with striker Karim Benzema, they formed an attacking trio popularly dubbed “BBC”, an acronym of Bale, Benzema, and Cristiano.

Ronaldo Cristiano

Portugal vs Northern Ireland

October 16th 2012 

Portugal National Team 100th Cap 

Special Match Issued Boots

Portugal National Team

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These boots were issued for Cristiano Ronaldo to celebrate his 100th Cap with Portugal National Team happened during the Fifa World Cup “Brasil 2014” qualifiers game between Portugal and Northern Ireland which took place in Porto, “Dragao Stadium”, on October 16th 2012. These boots were issued for the game and gifted to the player by his sponsor Nike but they were used during the game since Ronaldo played with the same style of boots but without the special embroidery on sides. Indeed these boots have extra embroideries on sides stating the player’s first senior appearance for Portugal in a 1–0 win over Kazakhstan on August 20th 2003 and his 100th cap against Northern Ireland. While these boots were never worn by the player they were showed in Cristiano Ronaldo Museum (Museu CR7) in Madeira (Portugal) as visible from the picture below and from the video of the museum’s tour below from the minute 9.55.

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