Did you Know?

This Supernova boots were a very rare model made by Adidas. Only few players, for unknown reasons, played with this model and also for a very short time. 

Things to Know:

Vieira was a complete, powerful, tenacious and aggressive footballer, with outstanding physical, athletic and technical attributes. Usually deployed as a defensive, central, or box-to-box midfielder, he was a competent tackler, and a tactically intelligent midfielder, gifted with good ball skills, distribution and vision, which enabled him to start attacking plays in midfield after winning back possession; he also excelled in the air, and was known for his surging forward runs from midfield, which enabled him to contribute to his team’s offensive play. These attributes, in addition to his pace, strength, pressing ability and stamina, allowed him to link up the defence with the attack effectively, and made him capable of playing anywhere in midfield. In 2007, The Times placed him at number 33 in their list of the 50 hardest footballers in history.